With the festive season right around the corner, every food enthusiast has only one thing on their minds: desserts! Any kind of festivity is not complete without lip-smacking sweet treats that will invariably have everyone coming back for more. If you agree with this, read on to find a unique recipe that is slightly different from your patent holiday desserts!

Frosty Snowman in Bread Machine

This is an easy to make snack that you and your family can munch on all through the holiday season with relish. It can be made in the toastmaster bread machine.

What do you need?

This dish is made in two different sections, bread and decoration. For the bread you need water, butter, flour, granulated sugar, ground cinnamon, salt, and yeast. For the glaze you would require powdered sugar, milk, pretzel rods, cookies, candies, sprinkles, and any delicious toppings you can think of!


Step 1: Toss all bread ingredients in the kneading pan of the Toastmaster Bread Machine and select the cycle. Once the dough is done, divide it into two mounds, one slightly smaller than the other. Bake till it is golden brown and set aside to cool.

Step 2: Place the two mounds side by side on a serving tray. The bigger one will serve as the body of the snowman while the smaller will be the head. Mix powdered sugar and milk till a smooth consistency is reached and drizzle over the bread as a glaze (allowing some to flow down the sides will make it look irresistible!).

Step 3: You can include children in decorating as it uses no sharp instruments and is super fun! You can use pretzel rods to act as hands, while small chocolate cookies can be used as eyes and buttons. Sprinkle rainbow candies and chocolate chips all around the serving tray. Get creative!

This is recipe is sure to become one that you will be requested to make every holiday season!

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